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Best RR rival yet! <3
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I was actually jumping up and down when I heard about TD new season! Yay! 

Anyway...I'm sorry to say this but I'm not that active here right now. It's my last month in this school year. And too much to catch up. I might be open but I'm not answering any comment that much at all! SO PLEASE UNDERSTAND IT FOR PETE SAKE. AHAHAHA. You know life is a pain to me these days. Thank you for understanding. :)

(Although I might do my journal entry about who i think should be in this next season!)
Oh no! What happen to Artistic-Lights :'( Why she deactivated? Does anyone know why? 
2 weeks left. Until the concert. And I'm here crying my heart out because I didn't get to buy a freaking ticket. And probably there would be a limited live streaming on that day.
I just remember 13 reasons why yet again. I was watching it earlier and goddamn it was good but painful as well. (It can be watch in Netflix tho) 
Omo, I'm laughing so much. 😂 
Me and my friends are chatting and roleplaying. And I didn't know I can act so dramatically well 😂
It was hella fun earlier! Me and my squad (we call ourselves T-MBER as a group) were in the park earlier and we decided to play something. 
We create our name tags. And when they got your name tag. You'll lose. And it was fun, I kinda look like an idiot screaming 😂 Yet I had so much fun! I was in the last round. So it was worth it and we did a live streaming of what we done! We also practice some dance! 
Bitches, I'm back, mwuah!!! Miss me? ;)

It's been several long ass weeks. 
Okay before you all kill me, I'm gonna explain myself lol.
I really miss deviantart to be quite honest. :D

And the reason for my absent in for like two weeks already is that I don't have internet actually. I'm also too busy to go here and I have been taking serious on my personal life and school life. I might not be around for a while here. I only have the time to open because I'm in a computer shop.

Anyway how is everyone doing? 
Imma change my dA page. Need a little change :')
*doing the next part of the project me and my friends doing, since I have a lot of ideas for the part* 
*My tablet went crazy like a dark soul hunted it* *Restart the tablet, since I'm confident that my work was save because of the revision history feature* 
*Found out that the latest draft magically disappear. ¼ of my work fvcking disappear* *lay down crying* I'm so done with my life....
You must be wondering why I haven't been here for like...*count how long I have been out* I couldn't remember but it seems like it's several days already. I probably need an explanation. I'm always online though but I never been touching deviantart: 1. I'm too busy with my school life. I have too much works to finish. Like the script for our play, and then I'm a project manager for our presentations and projects. And lastly math has been an ass. I need to focus more on it. 
2. I'm taking a break with arts and junk. 
3. The most important thing why I'm busy beside school works: Me and friends have a project to make. It's a story, most likely in wattpad. We wanted to focus on it and then make it happen like it will be a publish book or what. 

But yes, I still will make arts. But just not now. I'll just post one thing I made in a hurry lol. 
Again. Back to being a Scriptwriter. Whoopie. 
Hello fellow Kpoppers: Another random Kpop question: 
Who is your Bias and who is your Bias Wrecker from any kpop group? :3
To those lovely Kpop fans out there: What's your favorite song from your favorite kpop boy/girl group? Let's have a short Kpop discussion lol.
When I really wanna go to the BTS concert on May. :') But obvi I can't because parents won't allow me. So I'll just stick with collecting Merchandise for a while.

(BTW, EXO is arriving tomorrow morning here in the Philippines for their concert yay! :'))
I should explore the TD fandom further >///< I really wanna meet a lot of TD fans to befriend because I know most of them are the sweetest too!

By the way, to anyone who wanna know me...Let me introduce myself lol (SINCE I FEEL LIKE IT! xD) My name is Nicole. :3 I'm a TD trash and BTS trash. And you are?

(Let's all have a TD fans greet here in the comment section lol)
I'm reviewing for the emd term test. But I'm too distracted. Fvck, I'm dead
Here's my upcoming art: <------ Please comment there instead :3
We The Kings song "Sad Song" always keep me crying everytime I play that song. :')


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PyroManiac75 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017   General Artist
Yo, Nikki! ^^

REALLY long time no see. How are ya?
 Hello, it's me!
SatanSanta is on your page! lmao

Anyways, how've you been Nikki? It's been a while since we've spoken and just wanted to see how you're doing! c:
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